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Sexual & Domestic Violence Inner Healing Life Coach

You Are Not Alone

We are an Inner Healing Christian Life Coaching  company who help women to make the shift from surviving to shining in the world by doing the inner work to heal and become the very best authentic version of themselves. The goal is to provide a safe space so that survivors of Domestic & Sexual Violence can overcome trauma, abuse, break toxic cycles, and heal their God image so that they can operate in power, purpose, and destiny.

Our Services
  • "Quick Virtual Coffee/Tea Chat" *Bring your favorite beverage!
  • Free Session!
  • Free Session!
  • 1-60 minute session @ $150, per session.
    150 US dollars
  • 6-60 minute sessions @ $140, per session.
    $840: 6 Sessions
  • 12-60 minute sessions @ $120, per session.
    $1,500: 12 Sessions

Work with Me

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