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We are an Inner Healing Christian Life Coaching company who help women to make the shift from surviving to shining in the world by doing the inner work to heal and become the very best authentic version of themselves. The goal is to provide a safe space so that survivors of Domestic & Sexual Violence can overcome trauma, abuse, break toxic cycles, and heal their God image so that they can operate in power, purpose, and destiny.


Holistic Life Coaching (psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual)
Services may include, but are not limited to the following:
- Identify Areas of Wounding; Abandonment; & Rejection
- Sexual Abuse Healing & Recovery
- Domestic Violence Healing & Recovery
- Inner Healing
- Narcissistic Abuse Healing & Recovery
- Healing Negative Thought Patterns
- Identifying Limiting Beliefs
- Healing and Building Up Personal Image (Self Worth; Value; & Confidence)
- Self-Discovery
- Identify Purpose & Circle of Influence
- Goal Setting
- Establish Healthy Coping Mechanisms & Build Healthy Support System and Community
- Identify Attachment Style, Temperament, and Spiritual Gifts
- Address Cognitive Distortions
- Building Healthy Communication Skills & Boundaries w/opposite sex
- Break Unhealthy Soul Ties
- Address How to Build Healthy Relationship w/God, Self, & Others
- Creative Strategies & Solutions
- Provide Clarity & Insight
- Equip w/Tools to Develop Authenticity & Self-Love

-Relationship & Dating Coaching
- Deliverance & Souzo (Complimentary)
- Counseling Referrals (Complimentary)

Our Services