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My Story

Hello, welcome to my website From Surviving-To-Shining! My name is Shyne Sunshine a.k.a Crystal Tremble-Webster. This business was birthed out of a desire to channel my pain into purpose! I am a survivor of domestic and sexual violence (molestation, rape) and narcissistic abuse. By profession, I hold a Bachelor’s of Science as a licensed registered nurse. I am also a Certified Life Coach and Mentor. In addition, I am certified in Inner Healing &My passion is coaching women to shift from surviving to shining as a woman of power, purpose, and destiny by healing the soul wounds left behind from sexual victimization, trauma, and domestic violence. Silence and secrecy in response to incest, molestation, and rape has kept women locked up in bondage to shame and toxic cycles of further victimization. However, when you shed light on your pain points and trauma it moves the hand of God to heal and work miracles! This is a safe space for you to rise up and come out of hiding to embody the beauty that God wants to give you for your ashes! I am here to serve you!!!


"We inspire women to come out of and heal from domestic and sexual violence situations and the victim mentality by finding the voice within to heal and begin to thrive in the world by teaching you to grow spiritually and build a new you."

My Mission

We are an Inner Healing Christian Life Coaching company who help women to make the shift from surviving to shining in the world by doing the inner work to heal and become the very best authentic version of themselves. The goal is to provide a safe space so that survivors of Domestic & Sexual Violence can overcome trauma, abuse, break toxic cycles, and heal their God image so that they can operate in power, purpose, and destiny.

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