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Motivational Quotes

“We walk side-by-side women to bring clarity, transform, and inspire movement from brokenness to wholeness by revealing and healing the soul wounds that have kept them bound.”

“We utilize prayer and make room for the Holy Spirit to heal, renew, and restore you as you open up to reveal the trauma and abuse and deal with your past to heal your spirit and become a new creation in Christ.”

“I integrate my knowledge as a BSN (Bachelor’s of Science) prepared licensed registered nurse and ministerial training as a minister of the Faith to provide holistic coaching to heal mind, body, and spirit.”

“Don’t allow your past to make you so bitter and angry that you spoil the beauty of your future, release it to God, you are more than an overcomer!”

“We inspire women to come out of and heal from domestic and sexual violence situations and the victim mentality by finding the voice within to heal and begin to thrive in the world by teaching you to grow spiritually and build a new you.”

“From Surviving-To-Shining is where I make your challenge my mission and your victory my victory”

“God created you to thrive, you were never meant to live in survival mode.”

“When loving him is killing you, choose you because you are worth living for!”

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